Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Nice and Simple

a nice simple little mat

the wool is what I used for the background
cut against the stripes


another little freebie pattern from one of my older booklets...
I've never hooked this one
think it's about time!


I can get a lot of hooking done sometimes because...

I live with 2 cats
there is no one here to cook for
no one cares how clean it is (besides me)
no children or grandchildren 
I have no life!


Monday, August 14, 2017

Another Pumpkin

as you can see
another one where I changed my mind
drew this one up last year
 called for a sheep instead of cat when I started hooking
can be drawn up from my new booklet
by mixing up designs

the wool is an older piece
probably from Heavens To Betsy
mixed in with pumpkin wools
it creates a nice sparkle

having a hard time choosing a background

back to work today
still feeling not myself
but I've been to the Dr and he says it's okay
because I am sick of my own company!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hooking Complete

about 18 x 28

am thrilled with how this turned out
mostly cut just what I needed
ended up having to scrounge for some different blues
to finish up

the background is a mix of dark and medium blues, 
dark and medium teal
about half as-is and half overdye

the petal are a mix of four different wool pieces
one as-is
 the middle is one piece of plaid as-is

no before shots of the wool
just thought you'd like to know
scrappy is my thing

this rug will be available for purchase
once the steaming
binding and signing are complete

Friday, August 11, 2017

More Cat

this one has been such fun
if you look closely
you'll see he has a black nose and red mouth

I've had to cut some orange strips for pumpkins.
gold for sunflower 
brown plaid for inner sunflower
now off to cut some blue for the border
trying very hard not to over cut

already thinking ahead to the next rug...
every few minutes I change my mind on which it will be
for sure I know it will be smaller


finally got around to putting a link
to Saundra
I asked her last week (? time flies)
if she would draw up my designs on linen
for folks not wanting to draw their own
any of my designs from past to present

upper right hand corner
just click on the picture of the sheep
to go to her blog to send a message
in the upper right corner


I've been home for a few days sick
with some GI and diabetes issues...
I have made so many changes in the past few years
never enough
I'm not complaining, it could be so much worse

Happy Weekend my friends!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The One With the Cat

not sure about the color for the center of the sunflower
I know some are dark, some are gold...
 time will tell

whether on paper or digital
I have a great love of words and stories
true or imagined
growing up in a home where everyone loved to read
was a real blessing

Monday, August 7, 2017

Hooking Progress...Tomorrow

I watch movies/shows on my laptop
that way I can go from room to room getting things done

except BBC and other "across the pond shows"
these I must actually watch
no hooking, stitching, fussing with sewing supplies

Vera is set in Northumberland
breathtaking scenery
like Poldark and Outlander

good thing I got some hooking in this morning

Sunday, August 6, 2017

New Old Design Progress

still mostly pulling from the pre cut baskets
only the oragne strips are newly cut
I used nearly all the orange them last year...

cleaning up my old doodles
for the booklet has helped me get some of my 
hooking mojo back

tomorrow will be 3 months since Mom has been gone
there is such a big empty spot inside me
trying to stay busy and positive
knowing that's what she wanted

I am pulling old memories from my mind
from when my parents we younger and healthier
the past 10-12 had pushed those memories deep 
for the most part

 here's a recent good memory
Mom and Melrose were best buddies
they had their own little mutual admiration society

off to work soon
ah...the stories I could tell from the ER


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hooking Best Friends

these close up shots show how 
my loops aren't perfection..more prim

a little progress
after some reverse hooking
the petals go all around the sunflower
I tend to draw them as I go

my girl in her house
she feels protected from Melrose in there
with two escape routes
I am in her direct line of vision while I hook
two rooms away

full belly nap time
he's on the couch in front of me
after demanding some brushing
if only he'd really conk out so I could get to that belly!

Happy Saturday
I'm off to work soon

Friday, August 4, 2017

Quick Sunflower Freebie

a couple of readers
asked about the rugs and punches shown yesterday

they are all from long ago
most I no longer have the patterns for
this one I found in my files

as you can see
it's all about the wool or thread you use

feel free to use this freebie for fun or profit
you may sell the finished item
but no selling of the pattern in any form
as always, please give me design credit


Thursday, August 3, 2017

More Oldies Plus

from 10 years ago
one of those amazing rugs that turned out perfect
it is, of course, living in NC with my sister

great inspiration for color

colors are horrid in the photo
another oldie

Vincent van Gogh
the mater of sunflowers...

combined a few of the designs in my new booklet
cat and pumpkins inside a huge sunflower... 
I want to hook and not go to work today
maybe I can get a little done 

Happy Thursday! 

If you ever want a pattern of mine drawn up
Saundra of 
 Woodland Junction
is the lady to contact
I asked her yesterday and was delighted
when she said yes

I don't care to draw up patterns for sale
lucky us, Saundra does
she uses Dorr primitive linen as the backing