Saturday, July 15, 2017

Too Late Smart

changing a bit of the already hooked area on the left
using up my stash of dark strips quickly
this will require some cutting

growing up my parents
had a few of these trivets
hanging on the wall in the rec room

one of my favorites was similar to the one above
Dad and I often spoke of how true it was

too soon old
too late smart

Friday, July 14, 2017

Results and Progress

as always my photography skills are lacking
just using my phone

these are fairly true colors
I prefer my dyeing to be over a mix of wool
that way you have much more variety to hook with
these will mix in nicely with my stash

the red was one pot
the blue two batches
I follow the directions somewhat
usually I double the recipe
using approximately a yard of wool per pot
I like mottled so stirring is limited
when dyeing it's important to read how
much wool the recipe/formula calls for
adjust accordingly 
to the amount of wool you are dyeing

there is so much online to help dyers...
try Pinterest for amazing inspiration

another shot from a different room
the blues are deeper in person

the tan was a total failure
I was going for an antique shade
ended up with a pale pink-orange-flesh tone
it's going back in the over dye pile
 ( it looks much worse in person)

the red recipe was from Barb/Emma Lou book
the blue from Mad Hen formula

there are two stacks of khaki drab/olive green
that came out nicely
just can't get a good pic of them

 I'm cleaning up my dye mess today
will work on more soon
to get that "ugly" stash usable

this is back on the frame again
 found my words...

Thursday, July 13, 2017

About Wool Dyeing

all images in this post from Pinterest

I learned to dye in
a class given by Barb and Emma Lou
it was heavenly!
 the blurry photo above is 
the list of colors by Cushing
the dyes they wrote their book using

I've had one of these charts
hanging in my kitchen cupboard ever since
no matter where I've lived

a page from the back of the book
always loved seeing which wools they used to overdye

shortly after they wrote their book
Cushing changed a few of the dyes
so not all recipes will be perfect...
that is always true 
because of variations in water anyway

the cover is a photo of one of Barb's rug
oh, to see it in person was a treat every time 

using the dyes above
the spoons below 
I've dyed a lot of wool over the years 

if I were to start dyeing now
I would probably use Pro Chem dyes
just to avoid those tiny bags inside 
the Cushing enevelopes

I did purchase some a few years back
to dye some Polly Minick recipes
for red and blue

most of the newer recipes are written for Pro Chem dyes

this dye book has always called to me
but I have way too much Cushing to change now

in my stash of recipes:

these recipes from Wendy Miller are great

have the book but not the swatches

love these recipes
too bad the book is hiding from me
especially good over Dorr oatmeal

I have some swatches to show you tomorrow
they are on a little white card each
with a doodle
can't remember who sold them
each recipe is for 1/4 yard

 Karen Kahle's swatches...
would love a set of these just to asmire

one really should keep track of dye recipes
successes and failures

do you think I do? 

I think this is Julies Butler's...
what fun it would be to see each swatch and recipe


wool dyeing is very easy
check out YouTube for plenty of how to videos

when I use up / sell off
my stash of dyes I will most likely switch to 
all as-is hooking
 there is so much available today 
compared to when I started hooking in the 90's

Happy Thursday!

it's dreary and humid here in Ohio
not a good day for taking photos
hoping tomorrow you'll be able to see a table full
of newly dyed wool

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dyeing In Progress

today is the day
wool finally made it into the pots
three pots done

two more on the stove
I'll show all the wool when I put the pots away
later this week

the stack on the dye table is growing
I'm nearly done with one closet
a few stacks of too thin and too loose wool
still in the sewing room
wondering where to donate 

some cleaning done in between
I'm a a major procrastinator
so any time I actually feel like cleaning
I do 
the cats are very busy following me around

came across a bunch of red dot 
from when I was planning on selling patterns on linen
(only 4 or 5 years ago)
since then 
I've come to realize I hate drawing patterns on linen for others
for myself I can have errors galore

hope you're having a great week too!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dye Prep

if you're regular blog ready
you probably already know how this went yesterday
(mostly telling the story for myself...)

the room where this table of wool now sits is the Rec Room
first I had to clear a space for the table
 not much work
(Olivia loves to sleep in the little house behind the table)

then I had to empty the table in my wool room
bring it out to the RR
next dust and clean the table, including cat fur covered wheels

back to wool room
sweep the floor, move the litter boxes
and so on with housework ADD

so no actual dyeing took place yesterday
nor today as yet

Monday, July 10, 2017

Crows It Is

I did start another rug a few days ago
patriotic border
no plans for the rest of it...

now I need something for the middle
this Magdalena rug caught my eye
crows it is


vacation day one
recovery from working the past four nights
Sat and Sun only 2 of us
so we run all over the hospital at times

you know the STATS are ordered at the same time
on opposite ends of the hospital
while you are doing an URGENT
keep and call patient

my feet and legs need some rest
I've been keeping up with my strengthening exercise
my elliptical riding helps a lot too 
I need new orthotics for my super flat feet
should have made a Dr appointment for this week


so I will rest and prep today
by prep I mean grocery shop, clean and cook
so the rest of the week I'm free to dye,
sort through my quilt fabrics
and otherwise enjoy myself


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Happy Saturday

it's a super happy Saturday here
yesterday the lawn guys came for the heavy duty work
major trimming
a few small trees down
weeding and so on

more to do...the easy stuff
stuff I can do in the mornings before work
or next week when I'm off
for 7 entire days starting Monday

on my list
of maybe to do or not:

dye wool
dye wool
bundle up a bunch of my homespuns to sell
dye wool
scrape and paint a few outside areas
dye wool
rearrange sewing room
dye wool

you get the picture
if I get really ambitious I might
paint one wall in the sewing room
that's being realistic
there's no way I'm doing more than one wall

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Nothing On the Frame

that about wraps it up
when there is nothing to hook or stitch
or should I say
nothing I want to hook or stitch

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July!


Monday, July 3, 2017

Decluttering Continues

going through my belongings is not tough
sorting through a lifetime
of my parents belongings is another story
and I'm not all that sentimental

I can't just toss perfectly usable items
they must be donated or given away

this is my holding station
box for books
lots of recycling
shoes of moms to donate
(after I dust and polish them)

I've already donated 
clothes, more clothes, household items
quilt fabric
you name

I set stuff at the end of the drive
I take things to work


so how do you like that bucket bench?
it's the one my local sister gave to recently
it's antique prim perfection

those  knotty pine walls drive me nuts
one day they will be a dusty white... 

that pattern I mentioned yesterday
still MIA
I know I had it recently
put it away somewhere safe...

Happy 4th!
I work tonight and tomorrow
praying for no fireworks vs hand injuries...