Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Little Bird

I've had this pattern for ages
(maybe years?)
been thinking about it for a while
looking for it for weeks...

finally today I can across it while
lackadaisically cleaning in the sewing room

it's going on the frame next  
after the companion piece to Old Glory
then a cat rug
it's not that I really feel like hooking
it's just better than doing nothing 
or cleaning!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Old Glory

26.5 x 20

the hooking has been completed for a while
getting around to binding...
well, I'm more in the mood for hooking right how
it's hot
and even in AC a rug on your lap is extra hot

truer colors

washed out colors on a dreary day
finished this hooking last night
both of these rugs were hooked from the 
worm baskets

looks to be a few more rugs in the baskets

you have my permission to copy
either or both of these rugs
one time 
for personal use
please give me credit for design when sharing photos

measurements for Old Glory:

 30.25 x 23

borders are 3"
except top border which is three strips
(8 or 8.5 is what I used)

blue section - 11 x 8

stripes - 16.5 x 25.75

the flag is outline with one strip

I hope this makes sense...
my planning and measuring are very loose at best
mostly I eyeball


Monday, June 12, 2017

On My Frame

as always
Pinterest images inspire my latest rug...


photo of rug in progress tomorrrow

Sunday, June 11, 2017


these showed up on my Pinterest feed today
love those squirrels...

UK fiber artist

 inspiration from another source


work lately has been like
one day
8 years and 8 months until I can retire

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Strawberry Love

 all photos from Pinterest
you think I'd be tired of strawberries
I've eaten so many this week...

 haven't stitched any in ages
that's about to change
Olivia loves to carry them around and bunny kick them
so first up
wool strawberries for cats

do you have a favorite strawberry shape?

 did you notice the one
with pennies...

not a strawberry
but isn't it a sweet old pincushion...


time passes...missing mom doesn't

I'm mostly still puttering around
filling boxes and bags for various charity donations

packing up the Fidget Mat unfinished pieces
all the supplies...
my coworker Misty and her church
The Salvation Army
do a lot of elder outreach their area
she assures me the children and women
will just love to get their hands on these goods

they regularly make little treasures
for the children to deliver to residents at local nursing homes
making everyone's day!

much better than sitting in my sewing room

Misty is one of my favorite coworkers...
favorite people
sometimes you get lucky
meeting a special soul

Happy Saturday
ugh, work...



Monday, June 5, 2017

Patriotic Hooking

finally I rug I'm enjoying!
using up the strips from the stash
there might be one more 
patriotic rug in there
at least a chair pad

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Red, White, Blue and Green

started a new rug yesterday
after organizing those wool strips 
it was obvious I need to use a lot of those greens

as usual not sure where this is heading
maybe all over stars
(from the cookie cutter shown yesterday)
maybe a flag in the center..

maybe you'd like to hook this too
my star is about 6" across


Monday, May 29, 2017

Simple Inspiration

antique cookie cutters
perfect for simple hooking inspiration

Make it a good day!
a great way to honor those who served for our freedom

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Too Much Wool?

my very messy hooking area
this is only part of the wool from a basket
makes it easier to pick strips
for my scrappy rug

the other side with the lights
most of the light strips are in a different large basket
all this hooking
is not making a dent it seems

final corner
rug is sitting crooked on the frame
it's mostly straight across the bottom

rug is set aside while I keep contemplating the words to be hooked
I've narrowed it down to two phrases

we're doing an indoor picnic tonight at work
just the four of us...

I was going to cook this chicken...
instead I'm picking up something from a local restaurant
that's me
no cooking when ever possible!

oh how Mom would love this
sharing was as natural to her as breathing

Have a wonderful day my friends!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Love These Wool Balls

after purchasing some dryer balls last month
I don't know why I ever did laundry without them!

there are tons of instructions on Pinterest
the link above looks good

I have lots of colorful wool yarn
I've been meaning to overdye for years... 
this looks like a better use
great for gifts!

my NC sister is mooning over these...

scraps of yarn...or wool worms

my favorite


I found my weavers (not monks) cloth this morning
after about an hour in the wool room

I left work last night to find a very flat tire
HUGE nail in it
so glad it was in the parking lot
and not on the way home

this very klutzy person does not change tires...
or use power tools
or climb ladders
I like all my fingers and toes just the way they are


Wishing you a good weekend
I'll be working

thinking of all the men and women who served
to provide us with our freedom
we are very blessed