Saturday, May 13, 2017

Healthy Notes to Self

I hate to shop
don't like cooking or doing the dishes
but I do love to eat
over the past so many years it's mostly been fast food
or some sort of take out
eating in the cafeteria at work

always sweets 

now that I have the time
that has to change
today is day 2 of low carb eating
not no carb
just eliminating added sugar
using fruit as my sweets

I've committed myself to 8 weeks 
then will evaluate my progress 

first thing I did the other day was a big grocery shop
my cupboards were bare
now they are not full
but full enough of healthy foods
to keep my blood sugar in line

the fridge is even better
fruit and veggies I will eat
chicken breasts galore, packed in the freezer for easy use
a little beef, a little Canadian bacon

will have to go back for ingredients for  
the chipotle copy cat recipes 
so much less sodium then from the restaurant

hard to read, sorry it won't enlarge more 
basically going with berries and apples fresh
others when in season

I haven't taken care of myself in so long
this is a good start



Rebecca said...

Why the hell is it the last person we take care of is ourselves?

Saundra said...

My eating habits changed drastically overnight...truly. When the doctor said he wanted to put me on cholesterol pills I told him "NO". I no longer ate red meat but would eat fish, boneless skinless chicken. Bagels and cream cheese was my morning breakfast and changed that to steel cut oatmeal. My variance from steel cut is the old fashioned just for a change or maybe a bowl of Cheerios with fruit. Candy and sweets was easy for me to give up.

It took a while to lose weight but it was a healthy way and stayed off. Do I miss some things previously on my diet? You bet, but I won't go back and am not on cholesterol pills either.

Rugs and Pugs said...

You're off to a good start, Kelley. It's not easy ~ just take it one meal at a time. Good luck!
Hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

I am glad you are about yourself and starting with your diet and feeling better is always a good mood booster too. I eat mostly healthy foods with my diet and lots of oatmeal with my cookies. You would be surprised to find that you can make cookies without sugar once you get used to not having it. I use apples for me, but raisins are a good sweetener for oatmeal.


marly said...

I am contemplating the end of WW. Your plan is a good one, and that chicken recipe looks amazing. You will succeed.

cucki said...

Chicken recipe is looking so yum
Love for you x

elaine allerton said...

Hey, kelley,, you will do good!!,
Once u get in routine,,,,
The cat in ur header , looks just like my kitty,,,,,, sweet,,,
Have good weekend,,,,,

Jacqueline said...

Best of luck. Let us know how it is going. You might encourage me to do the same for myself.